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Rat Interaction

Find and read articles on your rat's interaction.

Bonding With A Pet Rat
Use these tips to bond with your rat.

Finding A Job For Pet Rats
Animal trainer Marisa guides her pets, including four rats, in ways that make them think for themselves and grow their talents.

Finding Inspiration For Rat Names
Will you go traditional, wild or wacky with your pet rat’s name?

Games For Rat Playtime
Try playing these games with your rat.

How Many Rats?
Rats are social animals and enjoy company.

Life With Your First Pet Rat
Rat owners share the joys, challenges and unexpected fun of owning pet rats.

New Rat Checklist
A checklist of things to buy before you bring a new rat home.

New Rat Handling Tips
Allow a new rat to get to know you before picking it up.

Rats And Other Pets
Rats should be kept separate from other animals.

World Rat Day Is For Rats!
The annual celebration puts the spotlight on pet rats, and these videos capture some of the reasons why rats can be great pets.

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