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Rat Health

Find and read articles on your rat's health.

Help! My Pet Has Been Poisoned By My Medicine!
Minimize the chance of a pet tragedy by being aware of the dangers human medications can have for pets and knowing what to do if a pet ingests human medication.

Keeping Rats Warm In Winter
When is it too cold for rats and what can be done to help them stay warm during winter?

Rat Bleeding From Bottom
What causes a rat to bleed from its butt?

Rat Has Fleas Or Lice
What does it mean if a rat has little, red dots and sneezes a lot?

Baby Female Rats In Litter Grow Ill
What would cause multiple rats in a litter to get ill at 4 weeks of age?

Strokes In Rats
What’s going on when a rat is weak and lethargic to the point that it struggles to walk?

Rat Safety In Wood Cage
Is a rat cage made from treated wood safe if the rat chews on the wood?

Rat With Blood-Filled Lump On Skin
Is a blood-filled lump on a rat’s skin a cause for concern?

Rat Foot Injury
Is a rat’s swollen foot injury serious?

Basic Rat Diet And Treats
Check out what makes a healthy diet for rats and what types of treats are good to offer.

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