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Rat Health

Find and read articles on your rat's health.

Rat Food Portion Sizes And Storage Tips
Learn the ideal portion sizes to offer pet rats, and how to safely store food.

Share Table Foods With Rats
Find out how to safely share table foods with a pet rat.

Common Rat Health Problems
Get the basics on the common health issues rats may experience.

How Tumors And Cancer Affect Rats
Learn about the different tumors and types of cancer rats may develop.

My Rat Is Sick
Know the signs of a sick rat.

One Rat Health Issue You Can’t Ignore Is Respiratory Disease
Learn the causes and treatment for this common rat ailment, which is signaled by signs that include sneezing, nasal discharge and wheezing.

Rat Grooming Tips
Use these tips when your rat needs grooming assistance.

Rat Respiratory Infections
Pet rats are susceptible to developing respiratory illnesses.

What I Learned About Rats After I Graduated From Vet School
From respiratory disease to mammary tumors and more, a vet shares how knowledge about rat health problems has progressed in the past couple of decades.

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