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Where does your sugar glider seem to most enjoy you petting him or her (if you have multiple sugar gliders or owned sugar gliders in the past, answer for the one you have owned the longest)?

Rat Behavior

Find and read articles on your rat's behavior.

A Problematic Rat Introduction
What is the best way to introduce rats that seem intent on fighting?

Getting A Rat Friend For An Older Rat
When an older rat loses her cagemate, what is the best way to ensure it she has companionship?

Rats Stop Using Litter Box
What can be done to stop pet rats from peeing everywhere?

Intelligent Rats
Stimulate your rat’s brain with interactive toys.

Read Rat Body Language
Rats communicate through vocalization and body language.

Training Tips For Rat Owners
Find out what behaviors you can train your pet rat to do.

When Rats Bite
Know why rats bite and how to handle this behavior.

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