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Intelligent Rats

Stimulate your rat’s brain with interactive toys.

By Audrey Pavia

Rats are very intelligent animals and are good at problem solving. They can be taught a variety of tricks and like to solve simple puzzles, like finding the treat at the end of a maze.

Help stimulate your rat’s brain by providing it with plenty of toys for your small pet’s amusement. Rats enjoy playing with balls made for cats, ladders made for bird cages, small boxes, terra cotta pots, cardboard tubes, bird toys made from wood, solid-floored exercise wheels and socks.

Give your rat plenty of time outside of the cage as well. Supervised playtime in a rat-proofed room gives your small pet lots of mental stimulation.

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Intelligent Rats

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Reader Comments
My rat named Cheesecake is a scardy cat. She isnt scared if just i am in the room but if anyone else is she finds the best hidey hole. (Usually that is behind my toilet.) So, I set up a fun play room in my bathtub for her. I set up tubes and I put a bowl with luke warm water on top of the drain so that she can have fun getting wet and not getting sucked down the drain. I also put some of my old toys in there because you need to think like a rat. They will play with mostly anything you give them. I also keep the curtain out of sight because they are spectacular climbers and can climb right out. Even if i were the only one in the bathroom she isnt potty trained so she makes messes everywhere which is a pain to clean. So in the bathtub, those little messes plop right down the drain in an instant. It is very intelligent.
Sydney, Saratoga, NY
Posted: 3/7/2012 9:46:39 AM
They should mention hammocks!
Asa, Wisconsin, WI
Posted: 3/17/2010 2:34:58 PM
i recently lost my two favourite rats i still have 12 but the two brothers remmie and bajie died over christmas 5yrs old and i miss them so much i know i would never get anoughter rat like bajie he used to follow me round the house he would even follow you outside . but as for toys they didnt like to play with toys none of mine do . x
Hayley-May, Runcorn, UT
Posted: 1/11/2010 7:12:44 AM
Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!! My girls enjoy running in a closed off room. I haven't tried different kinds of toys with them yet....
Robyn, San Francisco, CA
Posted: 12/14/2009 6:31:23 PM
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