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Do you ever sing to your hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret or other small mammal pet?

Rabbit Interaction

Find and read articles on your rabbit's interaction.

About Dwarf Rabbits
What does it mean to be a dwarf rabbit and what breeds are dwarf rabbits?

All About Bunny Rabbits As Pets
Thinking about getting a pet rabbit? First be sure you are willing and able to do these four rabbit musts.

Before You Buy A Pet Rabbit
Find out the top three reasons pet rabbits lose their homes and how to prevent this from happening to your pet bunny.

Want a Rabbit As A Pet?
Decide the best pet bunny breed and age, whether you want a boy rabbit or girl rabbit and if you want one rabbit or two.

How To Pick Up And Hold A Rabbit
What’s the best way to pick up and hold a rabbit that doesn’t like to be held?

Bunny Boy: A Rabbit Beyond Compare
From surviving potentially fatal health problems to enriching people’s lives, Bunny Boy the rabbit was remarkable.

Bringing Home Bunny
Good preparation and what you do during your new rabbit’s first 30 days with you can help it quickly adjust to your new home.

How To Establish Boundaries To Improve Rabbit Behavior
Use these tips to establish boundaries that help you guide your rabbit toward better behavior.

Rabbit Decision-Making
Look into a rabbit's mind to see how rabbits decide rank and how this affects interactions.

Lionhead Rabbits Find Recognition
The Lionhead rabbit breed was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association just one year ago in 2013.

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