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What is the typical reaction of Thanksgiving guests to your rabbit, ferret, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal pet?

Rabbit Interaction

Find and read articles on your rabbit's interaction.

About Lionhead Rabbits
The newest rabbit breed to be recognized by ARBA, the Lionhead rabbit’s unique looks wins new fans all the time.

About The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Size, personality and many available colors make the Netherland Dwarf rabbit a favorite breed for many people today.

Lionhead Rabbits Find Recognition
The Lionhead rabbit breed was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association just one year ago in 2013.

5 Care Tips For Senior Rabbits
If you have an elderly rabbit in your home, some minor adjustments can make his life a lot easier.

Allergic To Rabbits?
What to do if your rabbit makes you sniffle and sneeze.

Has Anyone Seen The Rabbit?!
No sign of your pet rabbit? Try these places.

How To Determine Your Rabbit’s Breed
Ear position, size, coat texture and shape all give clues to a rabbit’s breed.

Is A Rabbit The Best Pet For Children?
Rabbits can be a child’s pet, as long as the rabbit’s needs are met and some care rules are followed.

Keep Your Single Rabbit Happy
Rabbits are social animals, so take steps to keep a single rabbit happy.

Let The Rabbit Games Begin
Keep your bunny physically and mentally stimulated with playtime and toys.

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