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Rabbit Home Scapes

Housing your pet rabbit has never been so easy.

By Rabbits USA editors

Whoever came up with the phrase, “Home is what you make it,” could well have been a rabbit owner. Indeed, a rabbit’s home doesn’t always equate to four walls. Rabbit housing can take many shapes and forms. One that works best for your home and your rabbit, might not be the best for another home. One thing is for sure, however — ample space will make your rabbit feel most at home in your home. Here are some housing setups that fit well into most homes.

Basic Rabbit Home
When you are away from home and/or unable to supervise your rabbit, a cage or pen can give your pet a place to take refuge. Rabbits may be natural ground burrowers, but, given the opportunity, they also like to hop up onto areas. Platforms inside the cage add extra space and a place for your rabbit to hang out. Strategically placed hanging toys give your bunny objects to nudge and chew.

Introduce An X-Pen
A home without a home is the object of an x-pen style enclosure. A pen can be shaped in the form of a circle or a rectangle, whichever fits best in the available space. Because this setup has an open top, your rabbit will appreciate a hiding place, such as a cardboard box, a wicker mat stood up, a plastic igloo or a bunny-style condo.

You can combine the basic cage and the x-pen to create a home with a “play yard.” If you have two or more rabbits, adding rabbit realty gives your rabbits more room to romp around together.

Rabbits Need Space
The best — and safest — way to get your rabbit out of its cage, is to allow it to come out on its own accord. Most rabbits don’t like to be picked up, especially in the sanctity of their own home. Some owners clicker train their rabbits to come to them on command or with a treat reward, which are safe ways to entice your rabbit out of its cage.

A lounging lagomorph (a.k.a rabbit) is a sight to behold. When your rabbit is in repose, don’t just barge into its space. See if you can get your rabbit’s attention with a treat or with gentle petting.

Litter Box Lounging
Your rabbit will appreciate a large litter box — one that it can sprawl out in. Most rabbits like to lounge in their litter boxes. If you have two rabbits, don’t be surprised if they snuggle up in the litter box together — all the more reason to offer a large one.

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Rabbit Home Scapes

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Reader Comments
I have a flemish giant who has outgrown her litterbox. I found one slightly larger than what I am using but there isn't a grate. I even contacted the manufacturer and was told that they didn't have any and they weren't making them.I know she would love to lounge in her litterbox more if she fit better. Can you help?
Pam, Ottawa Lake, MI
Posted: 2/11/2015 12:25:24 PM
good article.
Mary, Ptld, ME
Posted: 9/19/2008 2:46:02 AM
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