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Rabbit Behavior

Find and read articles on your rabbit's behavior.

A Mini Lop Rabbit That Rarely Sleeps
Is it normal for a baby rabbit to stay up all night?

Rabbit Bites After Being Neutered
Why would a rabbit nip after being neutered?

Rabbit Plays With Owner’s Hair
Why would a rabbit play with its owner’s hair?

Rabbit Won’t Go Back To Habitat To Use Litter Box
Can rabbits be trained to return to their habitat to use a litter box?

Tips For Successful Rabbit Bonding
What is the best way to bond neutered male and female rabbits?

12 Common Rabbit Behaviors That Might Puzzle You
Don’t be alarmed if your rabbit eats poop, chins things or nudges you. Although they seem odd, they are usual behaviors for rabbits.

Bringing Home Bunny
Good preparation and what you do during your new rabbit’s first 30 days with you can help it quickly adjust to your new home.

A Look At Rabbit Aggression
Understand a rabbit to avoid a scratch or bite from your rabbit.

Decode Rabbit Communication
Know what pet rabbits are communicating to you and others.

Quick Tips To Earn A Rabbit’s Trust
Follow these tips to get your rabbit’s trust.

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