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Rabbit Behavior

Find and read articles on your rabbit's behavior.

Quick Tips To Earn A Rabbit’s Trust
Follow these tips to get your rabbit’s trust.

A Look At Wild Rabbit Hormonal Behaviors
The behaviors of wild rabbits can help us understand those of our pet rabbits.

How To Establish Boundaries To Improve Rabbit Behavior
Use these tips to establish boundaries that help you guide your rabbit toward better behavior.

Rabbit Litter Training Tips
Encourage pet rabbits to use litter boxes.

Get A Rabbit To Cooperate
For a cooperative rabbit spend quality time with your pet.

Rabbit Decision-Making
Look into a rabbit's mind to see how rabbits decide rank and how this affects interactions.

Rabbit Introduction Tips
Observe behaviors when introducing rabbits to each other.

A Guide To Rabbit Litter Box Training
Learn how to successfully litter train your rabbit.

Yes, Rabbits Can Be Litter-Trained
Learn how to litter-box train your rabbit or troubleshoot why your rabbit might stop using a litter box.

Rabbit See, Rabbit Do
Rabbits teach each other behaviors.

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