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Mouse Behavior

Find and read articles on your mouse's behavior.

Mouse Distraction Test
Are mice easily distracted from reaching a known food reward?

Mice Separation During Pregnancy And How To Sex
Should a father mouse be separated from the mother before she gives birth, and how do you sex baby mice?

Make Your Mice Happy
Enrich your pet mouse’s environment to help it be healthier and happier.

Aggressive Mouse Behavior
Mice may bite you or another mouse.

Nest Building Mice
Find out how to help a mouse build a nest.

Read Mouse Body Language
Communicate with your mouse by observing its behavior.

Mouse Elimination Habits
Give your mouse time to relieve itself in the cage.

Mouse Sleeping Habits
Handle your mouse in the evenings when it is most active.

Mouse Handling Tips
Use these mouse handling tips to interact with your small pet.

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