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Hedgehog Behavior

Find and read articles on your hedgehog's behavior.

Facts About Hedgehog Breeding, Sleep Habits And More
Be in the know with this basic information about hedgehog care, behavior and habits.

Hedgehogs And Heatstroke
All about hedgehogs, heatstroke and heat lamps.

12 Strange But Common Hedgehog Behaviors And Facts
Pet African hedgehogs are truly cute, but some of their behaviors might surprise you.

Handle Aggressive Hedgehogs
Be prepared to handle aggressive hedgehog behaviors.

Hedgehog Body Language
Communicate better by learning to read hedgehog body language.

Hedgehog Sound Communication
Learn the meanings behind hedgehog sounds.

Housetraining Hedgehogs
Some hedgehogs can be encouraged to litter train.

Hedgehog Nocturnal Habits
These nocturnal small pets are most active at night.

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