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Do you ever sing to your hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret or other small mammal pet?


Find articles and information on hedgehog care and hedgehog health.

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Hedgehog Body Language
Communicate better by learning to read hedgehog body language. More>>

Hedgehog Sound Communication
Learn the meanings behind hedgehog sounds. More>>

Handle Aggressive Hedgehogs
Be prepared to handle aggressive hedgehog behaviors. More>>

Housetraining Hedgehogs
Some hedgehogs can be encouraged to litter train. More>>

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Hedgehog Housing Health Diet Interaction

Hedgehog Cage Guide
Use this information to get the ideal cage setup for a hedgehog. More>>

A Healthy Hedgehog Cage
Develop a maintenance schedule to keep a hedgehog’s cage clean and healthy. More>>

Hedgehog Out-of-Cage Time
Before you take your pet out of the cage, take time to hedgehog-proof a room. More>>

Safe Hedgehog Travel
Follow these steps for safe travel with a hedgehog. More>>

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