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Guinea Pig Interaction

Find and read articles on your guinea pig's interaction.

Guinea Pig Startles Easily
What’s the best way to help a guinea pig that startles easily?

Increasing The Bond Between Guinea Pigs And Owners
How can a guinea pig owner increase their bond with a standoffish pet?

Are Guinea Pigs A Good Pet For Children?
Families with younger children can consider having guinea pigs join their family once they know what guinea pigs need.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Lonely?
Guinea pigs do best when kept with another guinea pig.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Guinea Pigs
You know you have questions about your guinea pig, and here are answers to 13 of the most common ones.

Gleeful Guinea Pigs!
Six things that increase your guinea pigs’ happiness.

Guinea Pig Handling Tips
Follow these tips when you handle your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Names
A brief overview of guinea pig name history, popularity and inspirations.

Guinea Pig Playtime
Learn how guinea pigs play.

Guinea Pigs And Other Animals
Guinea pigs may be uncomfortable around other animals.

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