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Guinea Pig Health

Find and read articles on your guinea pig's health.

Help! My Pet Has Been Poisoned By My Medicine!
Minimize the chance of a pet tragedy by being aware of the dangers human medications can have for pets and knowing what to do if a pet ingests human medication.

Guinea Pig With Nonhealing Wound
What can be done about a growing mass on a guinea pig that can’t be surgically removed?

Fighting Guinea Pig Dandruff
What gets rid of dandruff on guinea pigs?

Sneezing Guinea Pig Rubs Her Nose
Why would a guinea pig suddenly sneeze a lot and rub her nose?

Guinea Pig Sneezes And Produces Mucus
Why would a guinea pig suddenly be sneezing and having mucus discharge from its nose?

Guinea Pig Develops Second Abscess
What causes abscesses on a guinea pig’s mandible, and will they go away without treatment?

Guinea Pig Stops Eating Or Moving
Is there any home care to offer a guinea pig that stopped eating and moving, and rarely defecates?

Guinea Pig Walks Weird And Has Crusty Eyes
Why would a guinea pig walk weird, have crusty eyes and stop eating or drinking?

Guinea Pigs And Nontoxic Paint
Is it OK for a guinea pig to eat nontoxic paint?

Basic Guinea Pig Diet And Treats
Do you know the basics of a guinea pig’s diet?

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