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What is the typical reaction of Thanksgiving guests to your rabbit, ferret, hamster, guinea pig or other small animal pet?

Guinea Pig Health

Find and read articles on your guinea pig's health.

Help! My Pet Has Been Poisoned By My Medicine!
Minimize the chance of a pet tragedy by being aware of the dangers human medications can have for pets and knowing what to do if a pet ingests human medication.

Guinea Pig With Nonhealing Wound
What can be done about a growing mass on a guinea pig that can’t be surgically removed?

Fighting Guinea Pig Dandruff
What gets rid of dandruff on guinea pigs?

Sneezing Guinea Pig Rubs Her Nose
Why would a guinea pig suddenly sneeze a lot and rub her nose?

Guinea Pig Sneezes And Produces Mucus
Why would a guinea pig suddenly be sneezing and having mucus discharge from its nose?

Guinea Pig Develops Second Abscess
What causes abscesses on a guinea pig’s mandible, and will they go away without treatment?

Guinea Pig Stops Eating Or Moving
Is there any home care to offer a guinea pig that stopped eating and moving, and rarely defecates?

Guinea Pig Walks Weird And Has Crusty Eyes
Why would a guinea pig walk weird, have crusty eyes and stop eating or drinking?

Guinea Pigs And Nontoxic Paint
Is it OK for a guinea pig to eat nontoxic paint?

Basic Guinea Pig Diet And Treats
Do you know the basics of a guinea pig’s diet?

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