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Guinea Pig Health

Find and read articles on your guinea pig's health.

Feeding Guinea Pigs Hay
Learn what types of hay to feed a guinea pig.

Fresh Foods And Water For Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs need fresh foods and water in their daily diet.

Guinea Pig Food Storage And Safety Tips
Learn to keep your guinea pig’s food fresh.

A Guinea Pig Health Issue You Can’t Ignore
Do you know these two dangers that lurk in the guinea pig reproductive tract?

Common Guinea Pig Health Issues
Find out what health issues guinea pigs may experience.

Does My Guinea Pig Have Scurvy?
Learn how to prevent your guinea pig from developing scurvy.

Beware of Guinea Pig Bloat
Catch the signs of guinea pig bloat before it turns fatal.

Guinea Pig Dental Problems
Learn this must-know information about what causes guinea pig tooth problems, how they’re treated and how to avoid them.

Guinea Pig Trauma And Stress
Learn how to tell if your guinea pig is stressed.

Health Facts About Guinea Pigs
Knowing about preventive care, signs of illness and common guinea pig health issues helps you take better care of your pet.

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