Doctors Foster and Smith
Be the lucky winner of this premium 48" Pet Hutch and cover made for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs or similarly sized pets.  It makes an elegant indoor or outdoor pet home, constructed of beautiful fir wood. The pet cage has a secure nesting area and full-size opening top.  It is weather-resistant and easy to assemble.  This 48" Hutch has the following bonus features: built-in hay manger, extra large lounging shelf, and Water Buddy water bottle. Drs. Foster and Smith is also adding a heating pad and Timothy Hay for your favorite pet.
Pet Hutch

Kaytee and SuperPet

Hamster /Gerbil Prize Pack:
Super Pet -CritterTrail X & Z plus a variety of Tubes to hook them together

Rabbit Prize Pack:
Super Pet -My First Home with Kaytee food & treats plus a case of Kaytee Timothy Hay

Guinea Pig Prize Pack:
Super Pet -My First Home with Kaytee food & treats plus a case of Kaytee Timothy Hay

Ferret Prize Pack:
Super Pet -My First Home with Kaytee food & treats

KAYTEE products
Ferretonin the melatonin implant for ferrets comes in a Gas sterilized, Pre-loaded, Disposable, Implanting Device to ensure the safety and wellness of your ferrets.  This product has been researched by a number of Exotic pet and ferret veterinarians, and is working great (as 100% natural) in the assistance of fighting Adrenal Disease. Your veterinarian can call Melatek to order the implants at 877-635-2835 or  Ferretonin
8 in 1
One prize package from 8 in 1 will be awarded EVERY DAY of the contest!  Each package will include items tailored for a different small pet each day. Depending on the pet, the package will include eCOTRITION Twice Treats Honeybards, Crispy Honeybars, Snak Shak activity log or large couch for hours of stimulation and many more diet items and treats.  The ferret gift pack will include diet and treats, plus shampoo, vitamins and deodorizing spray.
Super Pet Ferret Kingdom

The Ferret Kingdom is just that: a kingdom fit for your royal family of ferrets! Ferret Kingdom offers five fabulous feet of ferret fun, enough room for as many as three ferrets to live comfortably! Ferret Kingdom comes complete with seven adjustable comfort shelves creating unlimited design possibilities. The home has four big doors allowing for easy access and convenient cleaning. Ferret Kingdom includes: three Safety Ramps, two Bubble-Wave Fun-nels, a Ferret Playhouse and an "E-Z" Roll Stand. Dimensions are: 32"L x 32"W x 56"H Overall height 61"
Super Pet Ferret Kingdom
SlippyPad and SlippyMat Ferret Potty Pads are your Potty Solution.
Highly absorbent pads trap liquids and odors while the waterproof backing protects walls and floors. Win a combo pack of 35 pads and 60 mats.  Be sure to visit us at or call (832) 260-5355 for more information!
Ferret potty pads
ZuPreem® Premium Ferret Diet is a nutritious and highly digestible diet designed to meet the total nutritional needs of growing, adult, and reproducing ferrets.  The diet is made with fresh, never frozen chicken, and no corn or fishmeal, delivering the high level of protein ferrets require.  Fortified with vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to help promote a healthy immune system, ZuPreem® diet requires no supplements.  All with the great taste ferrets love. You and your ferret will enjoy six 4lb bags of food, a storage unit and a fun ferret t-shirt.  A retail value of $120.00! Zupreem Premium Ferret Diet
Green Pets
Clean-N-Comfy® with the PureLite™ Process
Small Animal Litter/Bedding

Clean-N-Comfy® utilizes corn cob particles, a renewable natural resource, in an odor-controlling system that renders ammonia and other odors inert while leaving a pleasant, fresh scent. It can be used for ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, hedgehogs, chinchillas and similar small animals. PureLite™ is a special process that breaks down the microbiological content and mold-forming agents commonly found in organic litter. This special process sanitizes a pet’s litter by destroying the mold spores in litter —providing a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment for your pet’s home.
Small animal litter/bedding
Mazuri® - The Exotic Animal Feeding Resource – is proud to sponsor for the Grand Opening contest.  Our prize consists of a $75 gift certificate for the purchase of any Mazuri® exotic animal diet from  This certificate can be used all at one time, or over multiple purchases.  Along with the gift certificate, we are also providing a high quality Mazuri® baseball cap, Mazuri® coffee mug and Mazuri® mini Mag-Lite®.  Our prize has a combined value of $115. Mazuri
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