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Gerbil Interaction

Find and read articles on your gerbil's interaction.

Gerbils At Play In And Out Of The Cage
Gerbils enjoy playing, so use these ideas to make your gerbil's habitat and free-roam area a gerbil playground!

Safe Car Travel With Gerbils
Is it safe to go on a road trip with gerbils?

Gerbil Out-of-Cage Options
Create a safe environment for your gerbil to get out and run.

Gerbil Handling Dos And Don'ts
Ensure safe gerbil handling with these tips.

Gerbilicious Gerbil Names!
Check out these sources of inspiration if you are stuck for an idea on what to name your pet gerbil.

Time For Gerbil Play!
A look at gerbil playtime.

Introducing Your Gerbil
What to do when your family and other gerbils meet your new gerbil.

Life With Your First Gerbil
They have an amiable nature and are not generally biters, but beware of gerbils dropping their tails.

My Gerbil And Me
Ways to bond with your pet gerbil.

Train Your Gerbils To Do Tricks
Never underestimate your gerbils, because these intelligent rodents can take on tricks and the sport of agility!

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