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My Gerbil And Me

Ways to bond with your pet gerbil.

By Jessica Cordia

Lucky for you, pet gerbils quickly bond with their owners. Gerbils are social critters that are active and ready to entertain. Here are some ways you can bond with your pet gerbil, and some activities that build your relationship.

Bond With Your Gerbil
Put your gerbil’s cage in an area of the house with lots of human activity. Libby Hanna, gerbil judge for the American Gerbil Society and gerbil breeder at Shawsheen River Gerbils in Bedford, Mass., said housing them in an active environment makes them more interested in human activity and more willing to play.

Make their gerbil cages fun and exciting. Put boxes, tubes, tissues and cardboard in their cage and watch them play. “Enriching your gerbil’s environment is just as important as when you take it out to play,” said Hanna. Simply watching your gerbil’s activity helps you bond with it.

Build Your Relationship With Activities
“Gerbils are not a sitting still kind of pet,” said Hanna. Your pet gerbil wants to move around and be active, so let it. When you do your routine cage maintenance, take your gerbil with you. If you are filling-up its water bottle, bring your gerbil with you to the bathroom and put it in the empty bathtub to run around. Hanna said that she climbs into the tub with her gerbil and lets it climb on her body. “Gerbils are ritualistic creatures,” Hanna said, so make playtime a daily habit.

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My Gerbil And Me

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Reader Comments
Kassandra - hey, I think it may be something to do with the leather gloves. They might not like the smell and find it offensive to them as leather do
give off a strong smell. Try woollen/cotton gloves and see if it makes a difference. Gerbils are not like mice or rats (i have had mice and rats and gerbils) who are quite happy to stay in yourhands under a closed hand (no much pressure) gerbils are Much more active and don't like sitting still, if you force them and put too much pressure on you can break their ribs. So don't. Let them explore you , in a seccure room obviously, try the bath option which the article says that way your gerbils won't be stressed and you wont be stressed = happy days.
Tara, International
Posted: 2/4/2015 12:48:49 AM
I don't know what to do!!! I have had my gerbils for over 7 months now and they just don't like me. I have to wear leather gloves when handling them because they bite down on the glove really hard and refuse to let go...they also try to jump and squirm out of my hands and get mad when I then have to grab them a bit tighter so they can't! What should I do?
Kassandra, Darlington, MD
Posted: 9/15/2013 11:50:58 AM
Hey, I'm actually having issues with my gerbil for some reason, he's scared of people (including me) I've done so many things, and tried to get him out of the cage, but he seems to just dislike people! He's all ready three! Is there a way to get him back on track and actually play, and like me?
Daniel, Edmonton, CA
Posted: 3/11/2013 10:03:07 PM
I was hoping I could find a article about this you see I have my gerbil placed near my kitchen and dinner table I did not know watching my gerbil will help us bond
Thank You
Gillian, manasass, VA
Posted: 9/3/2012 11:51:23 AM
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