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Gerbil Health

Find and read articles on your gerbil's health.

Gerbil Extras - Supplements & Treats
All you need to know about supplements and treats for gerbils.

Gerbils Need Fresh Water
All you need to know about hydrating your gerbil.

Jazzy Gerbil Diet - Include Fresh Foods
The low down on fruits and vegetables for your gerbil.

Common Gerbil Illnesses
Watch for these common gerbil illnesses.

Gerbil Grooming
Follow these suggestions to maintain healthy gerbil fur and skin.

Gerbil Care Do's And Don'ts
Know what to do when a pet gerbil is sick.

Signs A Gerbil Is Sick
These signs will help indicate if your gerbil needs medical attention.

Two Gerbil Health Issues You Can’t Ignore
If a gerbil is sick with skin problems or cancer, it is time to seek veterinary advice.

What I Learned About Gerbils After I Graduated From Vet School
From nose scratching to cancer to neurologic problems, gerbil health issues are more understood today than ever.

Get A Gerbil Moving
Gerbil exercise equipment, toys and benefits.

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