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Do you think your rabbit, hamster, ferret, guinea pig or other small animal pet acts their age? If you have more than one, answer for the one you’ve had the longest.

Gerbil Behavior

Find and read articles on your gerbil's behavior.

Gerbils And Hibernation
Is it possible for gerbils to hibernate?

Gerbils And Swimming
Can gerbils swim?

Gerbil Suddenly Shuns Its Favorite Toys
Why would a gerbil stop playing with its toys after all in are the cage for a while?

12 Strange But Common Gerbil Behaviors
Winking, belly rubbing, purring – we explain these and other common gerbil behaviors.

Gerbil Biting Problems
All you need to know about gerbil biting.

Gerbil Fight Club
Your tell all guide to gerbil fighting.

Gerbil Power Naps
A closer look at gerbil sleep behavior.

Gerbil Training Day
Some tips on how to train your gerbil.

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