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Find articles and information on gerbil care and gerbil health.

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Gerbil Training Day
Some tips on how to train your gerbil. More>>

Gerbil Fight Club
Your tell all guide to gerbil fighting. More>>

Gerbil Power Naps
A closer look at gerbil sleep behavior. More>>

When Gerbils Bite
All you need to know about gerbil biting. More>>

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Gerbil Housing Gerbil Health Gerbil Diet Gerbil Interaction

Ideal Gerbil Cage
How to best equip your gerbil’s home. More>>

Gerbil Housing Placement
Find a spot where your gerbil can comfortably observe its surroundings. More>>

Gerbil Out-of-Cage Options
Create a safe environment for your gerbil to get out and run. More>>

Safe Gerbil Travel
Take these simple steps to keep your gerbil happy while on the road. More>>

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