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Do you think your rabbit, hamster, ferret, guinea pig or other small animal pet acts their age? If you have more than one, answer for the one you’ve had the longest.

Ferret Interaction and Playtime

Find and read articles on interacting with your ferret and playing with your ferret.

Is Your Ferret A Good Ferret Ambassador?
Ferrets that make a positive impression are "ferret ambassadors" that improve the reputation of their species.

Living With Deaf Ferrets
The different needs and behaviors of ferrets that are deaf require a few changes in expectations and care.

10 Differences Between Ferrets, Cats And Dogs
Ferrets, cats and dogs obviously look very different, but what are other differences between these popular pets?

10+ Ways To Keep Ferrets Happy
Ferrets need more than just food and shelter to have a happy life.

19 Ferret Facts You Need To Know
Answers to these frequently asked questions about ferrets will put you in the know about ferrets as pets.

20 Fascinating Facts About Ferrets
Pet ferrets still have secrets after a couple of thousand years of domestication.

25 Wonderful Things To Do For Ferret Shelters
Here's everything you wanted to know about helping ferrets in ferret shelters.

7 Tips To Make Ferret Lives And Yours Better
Getting your first ferret or improving life with your current ferret will go more smoothly if you follow advice from ferret owners.

A Day In The Life Of Three Shelter Ferrets
Ferrets Diamond, Sugar and Possum get a second chance at life thanks to ferret shelters.

A Diabetic Alert Ferret
A rescued ferret reveals an important skill to her new owners.

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