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Find Your Inner Ferret

This fun quiz helps you determine if you have an inner ferret.

By Alexandra Sargent-Colburn
Posted: September 15, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Take this quiz to find your inner ferret!
© Clemence Tailhades
Do you think an inner ferret would enjoy being in small, enclosed spaces?

Quiz Tip: Print out this page before you take the quiz and use it to record your answers for each question.

In general I am skeptical of the realm of "self-help.” I tend to think of it as "sell-help,” as in, "Let me sell you something that you imagine will help your life be better.” Most self-help doesn’t seem to come cheap. Weekend seminars, do-it-yourself workbooks and CDs, classes, meditation groups — none of it ever seems to be free. I think that the people who sell these things are often helping themselves to people’s wallets, that’s where the "help” angle comes in.

But today, I am offering you the opportunity to do something good for yourself at absolutely no cost. Today, I want to help you find your inner ferret! Yes, your inner ferret. Take this simple diagnostic quiz to help you identify the ferret in you. Never fear to seek out and nurture your inner ferret. It is that part of you that is curious, optimistic and joyful.

Inner Ferret Question 1: Do you save great wads of those white plastic Wal-Mart grocery bags, or do you throw them away?
a) You recycle the bags by bringing them back to the store.
b) You throw the bags away, they are useless clutter.
c) You save two or three, because you never know when you will need one.
d) You are helpless in the face of those bags. You save huge balls of them, and you can’t even say why.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 2: A package arrives for you in the mail. Do you …
a) Leave it for later, after you get the other stuff on your list done.
b) Open it immediately! Then check out the packaging, maybe play a little with the bubble wrap.
c) Forget it’s there because you are so busy.
d) Grumble that now you’ve got one more danged thing to take care of.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 3: When you have a victory to celebrate in your life, do you …
a) Just smile, quietly, maybe heave a small sigh of relief.
b) You call all of your friends and family to share the moment with you.
c) You go out for a night on the town, and maybe wind up wearing a lamp shade on your head before the night is over.
d) You do your own personal victory dance.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 4: When you see someone eating, do you have the urge to go over and see what they have?
a) Absolutely. What if what they have is better than what you have?
b) That’s a weird question.
c) You mind your own business.
d) You try to wheedle a bit of some of what they are having for yourself.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 5: Which would you rather spend the night in?
a) A futon.
b) An air mattress.
c) A hammock.
d) A fold-out sofa.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 6: You really, really like the smell of the moist soil in a potted plant.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 7: You share your toys freely.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 8: You are extremely claustrophobic. You can’t bear enclosed spaces or tunnels.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 9: You like to nap.

Answer:___ Points:___

Inner Ferret Question 10: You hate closed doors in your home, you generally leave them open.

Answer:___ Points:___

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Find Your Inner Ferret

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Reader Comments
Here is another site that you may find interesting. It is about ferret colors and color patterns.
Chantel, Lafayette, LA
Posted: 9/19/2008 10:16:39 AM
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