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Ferret Interaction and Playtime

Find and read articles on interacting with your ferret and playing with your ferret.

A Diabetic Alert Ferret
A rescued ferret reveals an important skill to her new owners.

A Ferret Training Journey
Follow the ups and downs of a ferret owner who clicker trained her ferret using the principles of Karen Pryor’s clicker training.

The American Ferret Association
For nearly 20 years, the American Ferret Association has helped ferrets and ferret owners.

Animals That Look Like Ferrets
Pet ferrets have a familiar look, one that gets them mistaken for other animals more than you would think.

Are Ferrets Illegal In New York City?
The simple answer to this question is yes, but the history behind it is more complex.

Are Ferrets Rodents?
It’s a common mistake to think that ferrets are rodents, but they are not. Here’s why.

A Visit To An Arizona Ferret Rescue
Come along with author Deva Kolb as she visits the Northern Arizona Ferret Alliance and Rescue.

Be A Ferret This Halloween!
Find your “inner ferret” to create a ferret costume that’s uniquely you.

Book Excerpt: Ferrets Underfoot
Read an excerpt from the book Ferrets Underfoot by Kate Woods.

Can Ferrets And Children Be A Good Mix?
Five things to know for child and ferret safety.

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