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Make A Mama Ferret Hammock

Follow these instructions to sew your own Mama Ferret hammock.

By Deva Kolb
Posted: April 1, 2012, 3 p.m. EDT

Make A PVC Stand For Your Mama Ferret Hammock
To make a PVC stand for this Mama Ferret hammock, you need enough 1 inch pipe to cut four 26 inch pipes, four 16 inch pipes and four 18 inch pipes (for legs). You will also need eight three-sided (90 degree) PVC joints. Assemble and use. This sets up quickly and is easy to store.

Make a big Mama Ferret hammock with a roomy sleeping pocket. This can be hung inside a ferret cage, hung on a stand made of PVC pipes or it can be on the floor in a ferret playroom.

Finished Mama Ferret Hammock
(Click image to enlarge.

Supplies Needed For Mama Ferret Hammock
• Sewing machine
• 1 yard dark brown fleece
• ½ yard beige fleece
• ¼ yard white fleece (optional)
• ½ yard flannel (any color)
• 8” black Velcro
• Thread
• Straight pins
• Ruler
• Marking pen
• Large size newsprint
• Scissors
• Felt squares for eyes (white and black), nose (black or pink), dark brown for paws 

To make the patterns, print out the three ferret patterns below to see the shapes and get the sizing. Draw on newsprint with marker. This paper pattern can be used many times. Cut your pattern out and pin to fabric and cut all the pieces you will need.
Ferret Hammock Pattern 1, click here>>
Ferret Hammock Pattern 2, click here>>
Ferret Hammock Pattern 3, click here>>

To get started, place the small black eye on top of the larger white eye and stitch it on. Stitch eyes onto the mask.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 1 Ferret Hammock Step 2

Take the ferret's muzzle and stitch it into a cone shape. Turn the muzzle right side out and attach the nose on the tip. Stitch the ear lining on the ear, then sew the front and back ear together and turn it right side out. 

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 3 Ferret Hammock Step 4 Ferret Hammock Step 5

Next add some quilt batting inside the ferret’s muzzle and stitch the muzzle to the head. Sew the mask above the muzzle and sew the ears on. With right sides together, take the ferret’s head front and back and stitch leaving a 3 inch opening on the bottom. Turn the ferret head right side out and stuff with more of the quilter's batting.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 6 Ferret Hammock Step 7 Ferret Hammock Step 8

Take the ferret’s arms and legs and fold each in half, lengthwise. Place a paw inside one end and stitch that end and the long side, leaving the other short end open. Turn right sides out. Sew the ferret tummy onto one of the fleece main body pieces.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 9 Ferret Hammock Step 10

Take one of the ferret’s flannel main body pieces and match it up with the fleece piece with the right sides facing each other. Draw a long oval, and stitch on that line. Then cut the fabric inside that oval from one end to the other. Then turn inside out and top stitch the opening. This will be the opening for the ferrets to enter the sleep sack. Fold the tail in half, stitch, turn right side out and stuff with the quilter’s batting.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 11 Ferret Hammock Step 12 Ferret Hammock Step 13

Take the ferret’s main body piece you just worked on and attach the arms, legs, head and tail. Stitch them on as seen in photo.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 14 Ferret Hammock Step 15

Take the back main body pieces — both the fleece and the flannel — and pin it to the front piece making sure the arms, legs, tail and head are inside. Stitch completely all the way around. Turn inside out by pulling everything out through the little crawl-hole on the tummy.  

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 16 Ferret Hammock Step 17

Stitch the ears to the arms using a thread and needle. This holds the head up and allows more play room for the ferrets. Sew a 2 inch piece of Velcro on the ferret’s paw and arm as seen in photo. If you are going to hang the ferret hammock on a PVC frame, be sure to have enough room for the paw to wrap around the pipe and connect. 

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Step 18 Ferret Hammock Step 19

Congratulations! Your ferret hammock is now ready to hang inside the cage or on a PVC frame. Ferrets can play or sleep on top or make the great discovery of finding a secret sleep area. This last photo shows three ferrets sleeping inside what looks like a pregnant ferret. You and your ferrets will have a blast with this new hammock.

(Click image to enlarge.) 

Ferret Hammock Finished Ferret Finds Hidden Sleep Area In Hammock Three Ferrets Piled Inside The Hammock

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Reader Comments
can i sell these?
pat, duncansville, PA
Posted: 5/8/2012 3:21:47 PM
This would be perfect for donation to an animal shelter to comfort homeless ferrets, so we've added it to our collection of Free Knit, Crochet and Sewing Patterns for Animal Shelters: LINK Thank you!, Delta, BC
Posted: 5/7/2012 2:46:00 PM
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