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When A Ferret Goes Missing

What can you do to find a lost ferret?

By Renee Downs
Posted: June 1, 2010, 5 a.m. EDT

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Isadora the ferret
© Renee Downs
Always be alert when your ferrets are out; you never know when they might find an escape route!

Issy Is Found!
While putting up the posters, I got a call from my mother. "Renee, I've got her! She is right here — in my hands!"

Now, my mom doesn't have a special affinity toward ferrets, but she was so excited! You see, of all my ferrets, Issy is her favorite. And, she missed her. Heading toward the house, I tore down some of the posters as I passed them. I finally got to the house and on the front porch of his home across the street was the hero who had found her. I went to talk to him and see what happened.

Apparently Issy was under his house, he said. And, because the garage is accessible from under the house, she wandered in there. She was probably looking for the cat door when she walked into a live trap he keeps in there, springing it and capturing herself. When he went into the garage that morning to see why his dogs were so excited, hours after I first saw him drinking his coffee on the front porch, he saw the trap had been sprung. Checking it, he found the little miss and returned her to my mom. When I finally got home, I found her asleep in the hammock with Duncan. As usual, she had no idea how much trouble she had caused.

After fixing the escape route caused by edging grass along the perimeter, I noticed that Isadora returned to it frequently. I also noticed she was more interested in getting outside. But, I was now on my guard and nobody was getting past me! At least not for another week!

Issy And Duncan Escape
Eight days later I allowed Issy and Duncan to play in the garage. I had disassembled the pen and taken it down south where I was working three days a week. I went out and re-assembled it, letting the ferrets out to play. Issy and Duncan wanted to go inside and they are safe in the garage. Putting Odie and Skitch in the back yard, I watched them, and let Issy and Duncan play inside. When the time came to put the boys away, I picked them up and took them to their cage, calling Issy and Duncan to come into the house. No answer. Now, Duncan's deaf, but Issy is pretty reliable about coming when called. When nobody came and they were not in the usual sleep spots, I started a search — they were not in the garage! Where could they be?

Looking along the only place they could have escaped, I found another golf-ball sized escape route. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Not again!

Walking into the back yard I heard something under the deck. I stomped on it and ran to the only opening under it — there was a little champagne snout poking out at me. She allowed me to pick her up, and I just thanked God she was alive and safe!

But, what about Duncan? He is deaf! It was garbage day, and he couldn't hear the truck – or the dogs — or, or . . . I was afraid he would wander into a yard with dogs, and then I heard barking! Running across the street, I looked for the cause. It was a squirrel! Looking at the green yards, I was not able to see Duncan’s albino form against them. Heading into the back yard again to start an organized search — I am getting WAY too much experience at this — I see Duncan, walking along the edge of the flowerbed, sniffing the pavement. "Thank you, Jesus!" I pick him up and place him inside in his cage and count the ferrets once again! One. Odie. Two. Skitch. Three. Isadora. Four. Duncan. I need a nap!

The longest I have known of a ferret to be missing and return home on its own is 11 days. While living in North Carolina, I often visited a friend who lived in a rural, wooded area. One day, she let her ferrets run lose in the house while she took her husband to work — a 15 minute round-trip. Coming home she noticed a ferret wardancing across the front lawn. As she gaped in amazement, she saw another. Hurrying to park, she picked them up and ran in the house to find the back sliding screen door wide open. Soon all ferrets were accounted for but one. Living on the edge of 40 acres of woods, Robin was concerned that a fox or owl might find him first. She put out a carrier and food and noticed that something was eating the food, but didn’t know what. Early one morning her husband came out to discover it was the missing ferret — just about the time we had decided he had been gone too long to come home.

Lessons Learned
The heart-stopping experiences of that summer visit are engraved on my heart. And, they taught me some valuable lessons about ferrets. Although it is my sincere wish that you never lose a ferret, I have learned a few things that may help you if it happens.

1. Never underestimate the determination of a ferret! If they want something, they will go for it. The first missing ferret I ever read about was in a cage in a bedroom in a house. It escaped the cage, got past the bedroom door barricade, jumped the barricade to the kitchen, went through the doggy door and dug under a backyard fence to escape. I doubted the story when I first heard it, but not anymore!

2. Never become complacent. If you have your ferrets outdoors, expect them to try to escape. Do absolutely nothing but watch the ferrets. Be aware of anything that may endanger your ferret. One person told how she was watching her ferret from across the yard and a bird of prey swooped down and carried him away as she watched helplessly. And, don't have any more out than you can watch at one time. (How many can you round up fast if disaster strikes?)

3. Never give up looking. A lost ferret will probably be near the house. And, the more you look, the more you get to share with neighbors about ferrets. It increases your chances of your ferret's safe return.

4. Never give up hope. It keeps you focused and positive. And, when you least expect it, your hope will keep you afloat.

5. Do anything you can to make people aware you are missing a ferret. Put out posters with a picture and contact info on it. Personalize it — give your ferret's name and make them want to help her get home.

6. Put out a carrier or cage with food and familiar smells. If you have a live trap, use it!

7. Retrace your steps many times. Your ferret may be hiding right under your nose.

8. Ask for help. You never know when your ferret may head into the path of a car, an animal or an open drain.

9. If your neighbors have dogs, let them know that even if they discover their dog found your ferret first, you want to know. You can't blame a dog for being a dog, but I do want to know what happened to my ferret.

10. As Winston Churchill said, never, never, never give up!

To those of you who ever need this info, best wishes. I sincerely hope you never do. Have a great summer!

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Renee Downs lives in Alaska and is kept on her toes by her Wayfaring Weasels.

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When A Ferret Goes Missing

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Reader Comments
if you train your ferrets to come to a clicker using Nutragel as a reward it does garrante they will come running when they hear the sound has saved many an hour when searching for my escape artists
Richard, Australia
Posted: 9/25/2014 9:35:23 PM
Wow thats is amazing. I have lost my little jill Missy, now she is an escaping pro! She has been missing for nearly 6 and a half days now. I live in the uk in a village, I happened to take her out one day on her lead and the little so and so slipped it! She dashed into the field and I havent seen her since!:'( She went missing at ha;f past 12 monday afternoon(28/10/13) I really miss her we are like two peas in a pod! It is comforting that you have known a ferret to return after 11 days. I have been down the field where she went missing three times a day put food blankets and water out and still no sign of the little devil! She has got out 3 other times before because like i said she is an escaping pro and all the other 3 times she has brought herself home. On two occasions I have found her curled up in her cage and gone to sleep! The last time she went missing she walked in the door as if butter wouldnt melt in her mouth! The longest she has been missing for is 26hours but never 6 and a half days!:( Please could you reply to me with any other tips that I could do to find my baby? I have put posters up but the rain has ruined then so i am going to put them in plastic wallets and nail them to streetlights, lamposts etc.

Thanks Sarah

P.S Im so glad you found yours! I know how much they mean to you as I have 3 others, please pray for me that she comes back safe and sound.
Sarah, London
Posted: 11/3/2013 11:40:11 AM
Woody, my adorable little ferret has been gone 4 days. Life is not the same without him. My dog actually opened the front door and he got out while I was upstairs. I have 4 acres of wild land around my house and I've looked everywhere I can but your article has convinced me to look everywhere again and again. I won't give up but i fear for his safety. This is farming country and people won't think twice about killing a ferret.
Linda, Swansea South Wales
Posted: 8/15/2011 7:30:41 AM
my fuzzy got out yesterday. i've been vigilantly looking and calling for him, while crying like a baby. they really steal our hearts don't they? i live in south dakota and have talked to multiple people, i made flyers today and i have called and called and called for him. please say a little prayer that rambo comes home safe...thank you
michelle, pukwana, SD
Posted: 9/30/2010 9:46:30 PM
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