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Where does your sugar glider seem to most enjoy you petting him or her (if you have multiple sugar gliders or owned sugar gliders in the past, answer for the one you have owned the longest)?
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Ferret Health

Find and read articles on caring for your ferret and keeping your ferret in good health.

Help! My Pet Has Been Poisoned By My Medicine!
Minimize the chance of a pet tragedy by being aware of the dangers human medications can have for pets and knowing what to do if a pet ingests human medication.

Senior Ferrets
From joys to sorrows, find out what to expect as ferrets age.

Ferret Adrenal Gland Problems - Drugs to Avoid
Drugs that should not be used in treatment for ferret adrenal gland problems.

Treatments for Ferret Adrenal Gland Problems
Treatments, besides melatonin, for adrenal gland problems.

All About GI Obstruction In Ferrets
Here’s what you need to know about gastrointestinal obstruction in ferrets.

Are Bird Flu H7N9 Or MERS A Concern For Pet Ferrets?
These two new diseases are making headlines, so Dr. Murray weighs in on possible risks to pet ferrets.

Ferret Physiology Affects How Ferrets Endure Hot Temperatures
You must understand ferret physiology to understand why hot temperatures are so dangerous to them.

The "Cool Rules" For Ferrets In Hot Weather
Follow these tips to keep your ferret cool, safe and healthy in hot temperatures.

Keep Your Ferrets Cool At Home During Hot Temperatures
These seven tips can help your ferrets stay cool at home during hot temperatures.

The Physics Of Ferret Cooling
Brush up on your physics to learn how to affect temperature and keep ferrets safe.

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