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Where does your sugar glider seem to most enjoy you petting him or her (if you have multiple sugar gliders or owned sugar gliders in the past, answer for the one you have owned the longest)?
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Ferret Health

Find and read articles on caring for your ferret and keeping your ferret in good health.

Stinky Ferrets Have Protruding Rectums
Why do two ferrets stink, have runny poop and protruding rectums?

Ferret Is Lethargic, Weak And Losing Weight
Could an ulcer be causing a ferret to be weak and lethargic?

Ferrets, Lactose And Caffeine
Is it safe for ferrets to have lactose and caffeine in tiny amounts?

Itchy Ferret With Adrenal Gland Disease
Is there any way to relieve the itching for a ferret with adrenal gland disease?

Safety Of Ferrets Eating Bugs
Is it a good idea to feed ferrets bugs purchased from pet stores?

Ferret Has Fur Loss And Swollen Vulva
Is adrenal gland disease still a concern if a ferret’s fur loss and swollen vulva go away?

Reducing Stink From Unde-scented Ferret
Is it possible to prevent a ferret from poofing or releasing scent without de-scenting it?

Safe People Food For Ferrets
Can ferrets be fed people food?

Treatment For A Ferret With Weak Hind Legs
Can anything be done to help a ferret with weak hind legs?

Ferret Goes Limp, Drools, Seems Blind But Then Recovers
What would cause a ferret to go limp, drool, seem blind but then recover after a few minutes?

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