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Ferret Health

Find and read articles on caring for your ferret and keeping your ferret in good health.

The Physics Of Ferret Cooling
Brush up on your physics to learn how to affect temperature and keep ferrets safe.

All About Bladder Stones In Ferrets
An inappropriate diet is one factor that causes bladder stones in ferrets.

Veterinarians Bridge The Knowledge Gap To Become Ferret-Savvy
Resources are on the rise for veterinarians who strive to be ferret-savvy.

Can You Make Your Ferret Sick?
Explore the myths about human-to-ferret disease transmission.

Ferret Hind-End Problems
Possible hind-end problems that may cause your ferret to have a walking problem.

Choosing A Ferret-Knowledgeable Veterinarian
Build a relationship with a ferret-knowledgeable veterinarian as part of your ferret’s healthcare plan.

The Ferret Circulatory System
What happens when a ferret's heart, blood and blood vessels work well, and what happens when they don't.

Common Ferret Diseases
Recognize the signs to help your aging ferret.

Diabetes In Ferrets
Know the signs, treatment and prognosis for ferrets with diabetes.

Diagnosing Ferret Hind-End Problems
Things a vet should look for when diagnosing what is causing your ferret's walking problems.

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