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Ferret Behavior and Training

Find articles on why ferrets display certain behaviors and how you can train for them.

Ferret Biting Behavior
Can you retrain your ferret from being a naughty nipper or bad biter?

Ferret Litter Training 101
Before you surrender your position in the little box war, employ these training tactics with your ferret.

Ferret Litter Training at a Glance
Here are the golden rules to training your pet ferret to use its litter box.

Ferret Litter Training Tips
Here are some tips to make the best of litter training your ferret.

Ferret Nipping Behavior
Find out what to do if your ferret nips you.

Revealing The Ferret Personality Types
Explore the outstanding ferret personality types and the factors that shape a ferret's personality.

How Biology Affects Ferret Behavior
Biology, mainly hormonal behavior, is one of the factors that affect ferret behavior.

How Gender Affects Ferret Behavior
Ferret behavior is affected somewhat by whether the ferret is male or female.

How To Nurture A Happy Ferret
Ferret owners have control over three factors that nurture a happy ferret.

Reasons Ferrets Bite
What are the main reasons ferrets bite?

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