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A Life Changed By Ferrets

The ways ferrets can touch a life and change it are endless.

By Priscilla Gabrielle
Posted: December 1, 2009, 5 a.m. EST

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Trixie the ferret
Courtesy Priscilla Gabrielle
Trixie the ferret lived life with great joy!

Trixie achieved remission for three months. She felt well, ate her diet of baby food and crushed kibble (she no longer wanted her ferret food), played with her brother Ralphie, and brought me great joy. Her lymph nodes began growing again, but her wonderful veterinarian and I did our best to keep her comfortable. I think she was. She had a sparkle in her beautiful eyes, and I think she knew that all the bad-tasting meds and necessary exams and blood work were to help her. I planned my days around her schedule — meds, feedings, etc. I didn't regret this for a moment, but my social activities were curtailed. My friends understood. If they didn't, then they were not my friends anyway!
On March 25th, 2009, Trixie’s breathing became labored, and she didn't want her "soupie," even when I hand-fed her with a spoon. Her eyes were so tired, the beautiful sparkle was absent. I called the veterinarian and took her in. She had fluid in her lungs, and he said that her time was very short and she would be increasingly distressed and uncomfortable. I couldn't let my baby go through that. She "told" me with her eyes.

I decided to give Trixie her wings, and let her join her sister Blossom at the Rainbow Bridge. I cry just thinking about it. It was so difficult! I held her, and the veterinarian gave her an injection. I let her lick Ferretone from my hand, her favorite treat, and she licked and licked, and just drifted away. I told her she was such a good girl, how much I loved her, and she would have no more pain now. I told her she would be healthy again and have her sister Blossom to play with. She was the best girl she could be!

She kept her beautiful brown eyes open the whole time. I think she knew how much I loved her eyes and did this for me. I apologize if that sounds silly, but I think ferret people will understand.
I smile and cry and smile when I think of her. I miss the soft feel of her furred head on my shoulder, and the little "happy dance" she would do when she first came out of her cage in the morning. Ferrets have such a love of life, and Trixie got the most out of every day I was blessed to have her.

I had her cremated. Her ashes are next to Blossom’s. I still miss them so.

Ralph the ferret
Courtesy Priscilla Gabrielle
Ralphie the ferret enjoys being tucked into his "crock-a-gator" every night.

My Ralph, bless his fuzzy little heart, is doing very well. He turned 4 on September 15. For now he remains an "only ferret” and seems content being spoiled rotten by me. He continues his water bowl tipping, sock stashing, and most comical rattle ball chasing. A most special fella he is.

I have considered adopting a ferret friend for him, and may do so soon. I started volunteering at a local ferret shelter. I have no doubt that one of the furkids will "speak to my heart" soon, if Ralphie approves, of course. I so enjoy volunteering, and the shelter is amazing.

My life continues to revolve around and be "changed" by ferrets. Ralphie is a source of love, joy, and laughter on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing his fuzzy little face every morning, and love tucking him into his favorite "crock-a-gator" every night. His health remains well, and I maintain a close watch as he ages.

Ferrets are the best people I know! Ferret people are just amazing. This is another way ferrets have changed my life. I have had the opportunity to meet, learn from, and work and volunteer with some amazing shelter people.

Priscilla Gabrielle has owned ferrets since 2002 and currently lives in Florida with her ferret, Ralph, and remembers ferrets Blossom and Trixie at the Rainbow Bridge.

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A Life Changed By Ferrets

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Reader Comments
What a beautiful story, Priscilla. Tears welled up as soon as you mentioned lymphoma as I am familiar with the outcome of that horrible disease. No doubt Ralphie will soon have a new companion or two. We have four rescues right now and love them as if they are our "own" lol!
Susan, Odessa, TX
Posted: 12/18/2009 9:07:24 PM
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