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May 2012 COLUMNS

Lumps And Bumps Under Ferret Skin
Read about these possibly harmless and possibly fatal causes of lumps and bumps under a ferret’s skin..
By Jerry Murray, DVM

Ferret FAQs
Male Ferret Behavior Troubles
Is it normal for a young, male ferret to attack a female ferret and also be protective of his food?
Older, Ill Ferret And Young, Intact Ferret
Is it a good idea to adopt a young, intact ferret that needs rescuing if you already have an older ferret that’s ill?

Ferret Pet Potential
What is the personality of ferrets?
Ferret Wants To Play Almost Endlessly
What can be done to train a ferret not to demand playtime in the middle of the night?

Ask The Doc
Ferrets And Correct Dosage
What is the correct dosage of Clavaseptin for a 4-pound ferret?

Ferret With High Liver Enzymes
Can a sick ferret with high liver enzymes recover?

Older Ferret Might Have Cancer
Is it time to let go of an older ferret that’s losing weight despite eating and possibly has cancer?

Ferret Suffers Long-Term Diarrhea
What should be done to treat a ferret with long-term diarrhea?

Product Spotlight
Rosie's Rainbow
Win a copy of the book Rosie's Rainbow, courtesy of Deva Kolb.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Resource-Saving Tips For Ferret Owners, Focus On Carpets
Bob Church offers tips to help ferret owners protect their carpeting from ferret stains, digging and other damage.

Advice From The Answer Ferret
Coming in June

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

There's Something About Ferrets
Coming In August

Ferret Coats And Patterns
Show Your Ferret Colors! 
Have you uploaded your ferret's photo to show off its coat color and pattern?

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