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April 2012 COLUMNS

Make A Mama Ferret Hammock
Follow these instructions to sew your own Mama Ferret hammock.
By Deva Kolb

Ferret FAQs
Male Ferret Goes After Female Ferret Constantly
What should be done to stop a male ferret from constantly trying to mate with a female ferret?
Ferret Goes Wherever Instead Of Using Litter Box
Are a ferret’s bad litter habits from lack of training or something else?

Building Trust In An Abused, Baby Ferret
How can an abused ferret learn to trust people again?

Ferrets And College Life
Is a ferret a good pet for someone in a college dorm?

Ask The Doc
Ferret Repeatedly Develops Boil
What causes a recurring boil on a ferret’s face?
Senior Ferret With Insulinoma Develops Adrenal Gland Disease
What should be done if medications no longer seem to help adrenal gland disease?

Ferret Slows Down At Age 5
Is it cause for concern if a ferret doesn’t behave like its usual self?

Blood Spot On Ferret’s Head Comes And Goes 
What would cause a recurring blood spot on a ferret’s head?

Product Spotlight
Cuddle Pod
Win a Cuddle Pod, courtesy of Little Feet Ferret Bedding.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Coming in May

Advice From The Answer Ferret
Coming in June

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

There's Something About Ferrets
The Ferrets Of Loni Holland
Meet a great grandmother who recently discovered the joy of ferret ownership.

Ferret Coats And Patterns
Show Your Ferret Colors! 
Have you uploaded your ferret's photo to show off its coat color and pattern?

March 2012
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