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June 2011 COLUMNS

Is It A Ferret Medical Emergency?
It’s time for an immediate veterinary visit if your ferret suffers any of these eight medical signs or situations.
By Jerry Murray, DVM

Ferret FAQs
Ferret Chews Through Bedding And More
What can be done to stop a ferret from chewing fabric?

Deaf Ferret Bites To Get Attention
What are some tips to stop an attention-getting ferret from biting?

Older Ferret Causes Younger Ferret To Forget Training
How can you successfully train two ferrets if one ferret leads the other astray?
Ferret Rattles Its Cage
Why would a ferret rattle its cage at odd hours and how can this be stopped?

Ask The Doc
Ferret Has Fur Loss And Swollen Vulva
Is adrenal gland disease still a concern if a ferret’s fur loss and swollen vulva go away?
Treatment For A Ferret With Weak Hind Legs
Can anything be done to help a ferret with weak hind legs?

Reducing Stink From Unde-scented Ferret
Is it possible to prevent a ferret from poofing or releasing scent without de-scenting it?

Safe People Food For Ferrets
Can ferrets be fed people food?

Product Spotlight
Tall Corner Litter Pan
Win a Tall Corner Litter Pan, courtesy of Super Pet.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Coming In September

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Angel Ferret, Devil Ferret
Life with ferrets makes you realize there's a little bit of angelic innocence and devilish mischief in most ferrets.

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

The Buzz On Ferrets
Coming In August

Ferret Coats And Patterns
Show Your Ferret Colors! 
Have you uploaded your ferret's photo to show off its coat color and pattern?

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