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April 2011 COLUMNS

Is Your Ferret A Good Ferret Ambassador?
Ferrets that make a positive impression are "ferret ambassadors" that improve the reputation of their species.
By Mary Van Dahm

Ferret FAQs
Two Ferrets With Two Different Biting Problems
Is there a way to prevent two ferrets from biting if they do it for different reasons?

Young Ferret Won’t Stop Biting
What’s the best way to discourage a young ferret from biting?

Training Away Unwanted Ferret Behavior
Is it possible to train a ferret to stop making noise in his cage or hiding jewelry in a box spring?

Ferrets Take On Behavior Of Departed Cagemates 
Why would two ferrets at two different times suddenly change behavior to imitate a departed cagemate?

Ask The Doc
Stinky Ferrets Have Protruding Rectums
Why do two ferrets stink, have runny poop and protruding rectums?

Older Ferret With Fluid Buildup
Is mysterious fluid buildup in a ferret a sign of heart trouble or something else?

Daily Shower For Ferrets
Is it OK to let a ferret run in a shower daily if it only touches water?

Ferret With Cyst Or Growth
Is it OK to leave a cyst on a ferret alone even though it’s growing?

Product Spotlight
Feisty Ferret Cage Cooler
Win a Feisty Ferret Cage Cooler, courtesy of Woodland Industries.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Coming In May

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In June

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

The Buzz On Ferrets
Oh What A Ferret Mess!
Has your ferret ever made a mess like these ferret messes?

Your Ferret Story
The Gift Of Life For Ferrets And Humans
Hard work, persistence and love help ferrets and their family regain their lives after a devastating flood.

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