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January 2011 COLUMNS

How To Make A Ferruppet
A ferruppet is a ferret puppet, and you can make one in a few easy steps!.
By Deva Kolb

Ferret FAQs
Younger Ferret In A Pair Won’t Use Litter Box
Why won’t one ferret use the litter box when its cagemate uses litter boxes without a problem?

Ferret With Erratic Play Schedule
Can a ferret be happy if two days a week she gets less playtime?

Ferret Refuses To Eat Its Regular Food
Why would a ferret suddenly refuse to eat its food after its owner was away and came back?

Ferrets And Cooler Temperatures
Are cool temperatures OK for ferrets?

Ask The Doc
Ferret With Inoperable Tumor Near Spleen
How do you ease the life of a ferret with an inoperable tumor near its spleen?

Ferret With Hard Lump On Its Head
What can be done to help a ferret with a hard lump on its head?

Avoiding Ferret Ailments
Is there any way to avoid some of the common ferret ailments?

Ferret Snores, Coughs, Sneezes And Is Losing Fur
Why would a ferret suddenly start snoring, coughing, sneezing and losing fur?

Product Spotlight
Pirate Net  
Win a Pirate Net, courtesy of Marshall Pet Products.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
All About Ferret Pain And Distress
Helping ferrets in pain or distress might be difficult because ferrets are so stoic.

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In February

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In March

The Buzz On Ferrets
Coming In April

Your Ferret Story
The Story Of Snatch The Ferret
Snatch’s adventure exemplifies why you should always check your doors with ferrets around. 

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