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November 2010 COLUMNS

About Ferret Biting
Knowing why ferrets bite and how to react are key factors to prevent biting.
By Bob Church

Ferret FAQs
Why Do Ferrets Chew Rubber And Plastic?
What is the appeal of rubber and plastic for ferrets?

New Companions For Elderly Ferret
Is it OK to add a new ferret to a family that includes a senior ferret?

Biting Ferret And Attack Ferrets
Why would a ferret bite hard and other ferrets attack fellow ferrets?

Ferret Nips Toes For Fun
How can you stop a ferret from nipping your toes?

Ask The Doc
Ferret Has An Unexplained Mass And Also Strange Poo
What would cause a ferret to have a mass in its tummy and to have strange poo?

Ferret Won’t Put Weight On Foot
Why would a young ferret suddenly refuse to put weight on her back paw?

Three Ferrets Suddenly All Lose Weight
Why would three ferrets suffer drastic weight loss at the same time?

Ferret Bumps Into Things And Walks In Circles
Why would a ferret suddenly start bumping into things and walking in circles? 

Product Spotlight
Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar 2011, Flower Ferrets  
Win a Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar 2011, Flower Ferrets, courtesy of Jeanne Carley.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Coming In January

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In February

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Richmond Ferret Rescue League
Serving the valley and Central Virginia since 1998, this shelter has helped 2,600 ferrets since it opened.

The Buzz On Ferrets
Coming In December

Your Ferret Story
Winston The Ferret's Story
A ferret goes from “rags to riches.” 

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