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April 2010 COLUMNS

All About GI Obstruction In Ferrets
Here's what you need to know about gastrointestinal obstruction in ferrets.
By Jerry Murray, DVM

Ferret FAQs
Ferret Gains Too Much Weight After Switching Food
Is it a concern if a ferret gains weight after switching food?
Ferret Prefers Cat Food
Is it OK to feed ferrets cat food?
Ferret Uses Corner By Litter Box Instead Of Litter Box
Can a ferret be trained to go in its litter box instead of beside it?
Young Ferret Cries And Seems Frightened
What can be done to comfort a crying ferret?

Ask The Doc
Is Loss Of Fur Contagious In Ferrets?
Could a bald ferret be the cause of another ferret losing its fur?
Ferret Suddenly Becomes Very Sleepy After New Ferret Arrives
Why would a ferret suddenly become lethargic soon after another ferret joins the family?
What Is The Treatment For GI Blockage In Ferrets?
What’s the best way to treat a ferret with a GI blockage?

Could A Sore On A Ferret’s Back Leg Be Something More Serious?
Why would a sore on a ferret’s leg not heal after more than a week?

Product Spotlight
Ferret Crock by Prevue Pet Products 
Win a ferret crock dish, courtesy of Prevue Pet Products. 

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences 
Coming In May 

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In June

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

The Buzz On Ferrets
Ferrets Do The Sweetest Things
These heartwarming stories prove the compassionate nature of ferrets as they do sweet things.

Your Ferret Story
Duncan The Ferret's Snake Obsession
A ferret owner goes to great lengths to satisfy her ferret's obsession with a toy snake. 

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