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April 2009 COLUMNS

Have Your Ferret Cake, and Eat It Too!
Create one-of-a-kind, ferret-themed cakes, cupcakes and more to tempt your taste buds!
By Deva Kolb

The Evolution Of Ferret Cages   
Today's ferret cages evolved from outdoor hutches into ferret homes.
By Marylou Zarbock

Ferret FAQs
Fearful Ferret
What can be done to help a badly abused ferret learn to trust people?

Ear Marks And Nail Trims
What are the marks on a ferret's ears, and is it safe to trim a ferret's nails?

Food Transition
What should be done if a young ferret wants to eat kibble?

Ferrets And Dachshunds
Can dogs and ferrets play together safely?

Ask The Doc
Itchy Ferret
Why is a ferret scratching itself enough to cause fur loss and scabs?

Ferret Suddenly Limps
Why would a ferret suddenly begin limping?

Giving Oral Medications To Ferrets
What tricks make it easier to give oral medication to ferrets?

Ferret Drinks Urine
Why would a ferret drink urine?

Editor's Note
Cakes, jigsaw puzzles and adopt-a-ferret month!
April brings us spring, recipes for ferret-themed treats, touching ferret stories and adopt-a-ferret month.

Bob Church's Ferret Experiences
Coming In May

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In June

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In July

The Buzz On Ferrets
How Ferrets Change People's Lives (new!)
People discover that their lives can change dramatically after adopting a ferret.

Your Ferret Story
Falling In Love With Ferrets (new!)
Ferrets bring new life to Joseph Bowker.

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