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February 2009 COLUMNS

Create A Ferret-Themed Wall Tapestry
Use this step-by-step guide to create a ferret-themed wall tapestry.
By Deva Kolb

Do Ferrets Their Feel Owner's Guilt?  
How do ferrets react when a change in schedule puts limits on the time an owner can spend with them?
By Ailigh Vanderbush

How To Prevent Poisoning In Ferrets  
Ferrets eat the strangest things, but owners can protect their pets from poisoning by being aware of the possible dangers.
By Sharon Vanderlip, DVM

San Antonio Ferret Enthusiasts   
Meet members of the San Antonio Ferret Enthusiasts and find out what's happening in their area.
By Jennifer Mons McLaughlin

Ferret FAQs
Blanket-Chewing Ferret
What can stop a ferret from chewing on blankets?

Ferret Noises
What noises are normal for ferrets?

Ferrets And PVC Play Tunnels
Is it safe to use polyvinyl chloride pipes to make play tunnels for ferrets?

Ferret Bites Everyone
How can a ferret that bites people and other pets be stopped from doing this?

Ask The Doc
Does This Ferret Have A Thyroid Problem?
Could a listless ferret have thyroid trouble?

Why Are These Ferrets Scratching So Much?
Why would a ferret be thin and have dry, coarse fur?

Lethargic Ferret Suddenly Develops Urgent Need To Urinate
Why would a lethargic ferret suddenly develop urinary trouble?

Heart Disease In Ferrets
What could be wrong with a ferret's heart that causes lethargy and fluid build up?

Editor's Note
New Features For Ferrets Magazine
February brings celebrations, changes and a time to reflect at Ferrets magazine.

Home With Bob
Examining Ferrets At Ferretory Time (new!)
A ferretory, or annual examination of the mental and physical health of ferrets, helps Bob Church determine future medical needs for his pets.

On The Road With Bob
Coming In March

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Generosity Spurs Ferret Enthusiasts To Give Gifts (new!)
The generosity of ferret enthusiasts and the gifts they give bring awe and thankfulness.

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming In March

The Buzz On Ferrets
The Funniest Ferret Story Ever (new!)
Could one of the following anecdotes be the funniest ferret-related story ever?

Your Ferret Story
How Ferrets Alleviate Depression (new!)
One man discovers that ferrets make great therapy animals and alleviate his depression.

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