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January 2009 COLUMNS

Ferret Shows In Germany And Italy
An American shares her story of visiting Italian and German ferret shows .
By Suzy Mentzer

The Ferret Nervous System  
Learn about what the ferret nervous system is and what it does.
By Rene Gandolfi, DVM, DABVP

Ferret Genetics  
Explore the basics of genetics and how it affects ferrets.
By Jennifer Mons McLaughlin

The American Ferret Association   
For nearly 20 years, the American Ferret Association has helped ferrets and ferret owners.
By Audrey Pavia

Ferret FAQs
Ferret Unaccustomed To Two-Level Cage
A ferret owner wants tips for getting a ferret to use both levels of a new cage.

Litter Training Trouble With A Young Ferret
Is litter training different for a young ferret?

Ferrets And Cat Towers
Can ferrets safely use cat towers?

Quick Litter Training For Ferrets
Is it possible to litter train a ferret quickly?

Ask The Doc
A Ferret Coughs And Sneezes
What would cause a ferret to cough and sneeze almost constantly?

Thin Ferret Has Dry, Coarse Fur
Why would a ferret be thin and have dry, coarse fur?

Ferret With Pasteurella
What causes Pasteurella in ferrets?

Gunk In Ferret's Eye
What treatment is there for a ferret with gunk in its eye?

Editor's Note
Ferret Movie Fun, And New Happenings At Ferrets Magazine
This month, ferret fans get another movie to gab about, and Ferrets magazine ushers in exciting articles and a couple changes.

Home With Bob
The Perfect Ferret Sitter (new!)
The right ferret sitter and proper preparation keep ferrets happy and owners almost worry-free.

On The Road With Bob
Coming In February

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming In February

Shelter And Rescue Focus
The KC Ferret Hotline (new!)
For 17 years, Bobbi McCanse and her Kansas City Ferret Hotline Shelter have helped ferrets.

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