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November 2008 COLUMNS

Trick Or Treat For Ferrets
Ferret treats without nutritional value are no treat at all.
By Jennifer Mons McLaughlin

How Smart Is Your Ferret?  
Is your ferret smarter than you? Take this quiz to find out!
By Alexandra Sargent-Colburn

Create A Ferret-Themed Christmas Tree 
Craft your own ferret-themed ornaments to create a fabulous Christmas tree!
By Deva Kolb

The Ferrets Magazine Gift Guide 2008 
Find that perfect ferret-related gift for your friends, your ferrets or yourself!
Compiled by the staff of Ferrets magazine

Ferret FAQs
Battling Ferret Grief
Is it possible to reduce grief for the remaining ferret of a bonded pair after one dies?

Ferret Needs Easy-Use Litter Box
What can owners do to help a physically challenged ferret use a litter box?

Foot-Biting Ferret
How can an owner stop a ferret from biting people's feet?

One Ferret Or Two? Male Ferret Or Female?
A potential ferret owner seeks advice on getting the right ferret.

Ask The Doc
Ferrets Eating Bugs
Can ferrets get tapeworms from eating crickets or other insects?

Ferret Aging
Do some ferrets age faster than others?

Hair Loss And Itching After Adrenal Gland Surgery
What would cause hair loss and itching in a ferret months after it had surgery for adrenal gland disease?

Treating Ferrets With Insulinoma
What is the recommended treatment for a ferret with insulinoma?

Editor's Note
Being A Busy Bee For Ferrets
It's a busy time at Ferrets Magazine during a busy season, but this issue is packed with fun things!

Ferret Superstars
Coming in December

Home With Bob
How Ferrets Age To Perfection
Bob Church discusses the changes to expect in ferrets as they age.

On The Road With Bob
Coming in December

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming in December

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Jerri Carel And The Ferret Haven Ferret Rescue And Sanctuary
It's all about helping ferrets for Jerri Carel and her rescue, The Ferret Haven Ferret Rescue And Sanctuary near Louisville, Kentucky.

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