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August 2008 COLUMNS

Veterinarians Bridge The Knowledge Gap To Become Ferret Savvy 
Resources are on the rise for veterinarians who strive to be ferret savvy.
ByJennifer Mons McLaughlin

Ferrets Can Play It Safe In Water
A ferret owner shares her tips for safe and fun water games with ferrets.
By Clemence Tailhades

Why Ferrets Get Red Behinds  
Find out what causes uncomfortable and often treatable rectal or anal prolapse in ferrets.
By Rene C. Gandolfi, DVM, DABVP

A New Hope For Black-Footed Ferrets 
A black-footed ferret named Peanut and his mother, Georgia, are stars in more ways than one.
By Audrey Pavia

Ferret FAQs
Treats For Ferrets
What treat can reward a ferret that doesn't like ferret treats?

Crying Ferret
Why is a ferret crying?

Ferret Attacks Squeaky Toy
A ferret owner wonders why a baby ferret is attacking a squeaky toy.

Former Litter Box Star Ferret Misses The Mark
A ferret that formerly used the litter box now refuses to do so.

Ask The Doc
Do German Ferrets Have Different Digestive Tracts?
A ferret owner with two baby German ferrets wonders if they really need fruit and cookoed vegetables.

About Ferret Urine
Is it normal for ferret urine to crystallize?

Is A Ferret's Leg Broken Or Just Sore?
A ferret mysteriously begins limping, and its owner can't tell if a leg is broken or just sore.

Does Ferret's Tumor Require Surgery?
A prostate tumor, possibly caused by adrenal gland disease, is causing illness in a ferret.

Editor's Note
Some Good News & Some Warnings
Amid possible disasters and disease, some good news still happens.

Ferret Superstars
Sewing For Ferrets
Rosemary German helps ferrets and ferret shelters with her knowledge, thoughtfulness and high-quality ferret bedding.

Home With Bob
Coming in September

On The Road With Bob
One British Couple & 46 Ferrets
The operators of the West Sussex Ferret Welfare rescue in the United Kingdom use a Ferret Garden to keep their ferrets stress-free.

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Battle Of The Squeaky Toys
Alexandra Sargent-Colburn matches wits with her ferret Puma in a battle over squeaky toy dominance.

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming in September

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