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July 2008 COLUMNS

Take The Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar Challenge! 
The 2009 Jeanne Carley Ferret Calendar offers amazing ferret photos and tests your knowledge of popular movies.
Photos by Jeanne Carley

The Complete Scoop On Ferret Poop  
Look at your ferret's feces for some clues to its health.
By Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP

Updated Pet Travel Information 
Follow these tips to enjoy a safe, fun vacation together with your pet.
By Jennifer Mons McLaughlin

Are You A Ferret Health Hero?   
Take our quiz to find out how in-the-know you really are about ferret health.
By Alexandra Sargent-Colburn

How Ferret Owners Can Keep Current With Animal Law   
Rules and regulations about ferrets can be difficult to find, but these suggestions can help keep you current.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Ferret FAQs
Can A Biting Male Ferret Co-Exist With A Female Ferret?
A male ferret bites a female ferret housemate every time they meet.

Ferrets & Other Pets
Can ferrets and other pets live in the same home?

Converting A Fruit-Loving Ferret To Meat
How can a ferret be coaxed into eating meat?

Ferret Can't Break The Biting Habit
A ferret is in danger of losing its home because it bites so often.

Ask The Doc
How To Determine Ferret Gender
Owners need help determining their ferrets' gender.

What Causes Head Tilt In Ferrets?
A ferret owner asks why a ferret would suddenly develop a head tilt.

Mysterious Cough/Sneeze Attacks
Why would a ferret cough and sneeze regularly but at random?

Diagnosing Adrenal Gland Disease
What is the best method for diagnosing adrenal gland disease?

Editor's Note
A Festive Month & A Fun Issue
Enjoy the July Fourth holiday and have fun reading this issue of Ferrets Magazine.

Ferret Superstars
Coming in August

Home With Bob
Sampson & The Infamous Biting Incident
Sometimes a nip from a ferret can be a good thing.

On The Road With Bob
Coming in August

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming in August

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Focus On The Ferret Nook

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