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May 2008 COLUMNS

How Well Do You Ferret-Proof?
Take this quiz to find out how well you ferret-proof your home.
By Alexandra Sargent-Colburn

Heartworm Disease In Ferrets 
Heartworm disease is a secret killer, and ferrets are just as at risk for this disease as dogs or cats.
By Sandra Mitchell, DVM, DABVP

The "Cool Rules" For Ferrets In Hot Weather 
Follow these tips to keep your ferret cool, safe and healthy in hot temperatures.
By Faith Arnold

Ferret Nutrition Roundtable 
By Sandy Meyer

Ferret FAQs
Getting A New Ferret
When one ferret in a pair is ill and soon to pass, should a new ferret be added before or after the sick ferret passes?

How To Get A Ferret To Use A Litter Box
What can a ferret owner do if their ferret wants to use a corner of the room for its business instead of going back to the litter box?

Preventing A Ferret From Burrowing Into A Sofa
A ferret owner can't get her ferrets to stop burrowing in her sofa, despite trying several methods of preventing it.

Shaking Ferret
What causes a ferret to shake like it's vibrating?

Ask The Doc
The Best Indoor Temperature For Ferrets
A ferret owner wonders what the best indoor temperature is for her ferrets.

Is It Safe For A Ferret To Eat Fortune Cookies?
Will eating fortune cookies harm a ferret? What should you do if your ferret eats a fortune cookie?

Can You Wait To See A Vet?
When a pet ferret suffers bouts of vomiting and diarrhea and its usual veterinarian is on vacation, an owner wonders what to do.

Determining A Kit Ferret's Age
Baby teeth can help determine a kit ferret's age.

Editor's Note
Another Month, Another Great Issue!
May is here, and so is the latest issue of Ferrets Magazine online.

Ferret Superstars
Coming in June.

Home With Bob
Coming in June.

On The Road With Bob
New Zealand Ferret Owners Live As Outlaws
Some ferret owners in New Zealand defy the law to keep their pets.

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Coming in June.

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Focus On The Dook Nook Ferret Shelter
Jackie Hawley of the Dook Nook Ferret Shelter in Florida shares the triumphs and tragedies of her 13 years rescuing ferrets.

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