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April 2008 COLUMNS

The Development Of A Perfect Ferret Food
The development of ferret-specific food addressed previously ignored nutritional needs of ferrets.
By Jennifer Mons McLaughlin

An Emerging Ferret Disease: DIM
Disseminated idiopathic myofasciitis is one of the latest diseases of concern in ferret medicine.
By Katrina Ramsell, Ph.D., DVM

An Emerging Ferret Disease: Ferret-FIP
A disease resembling feline infectious peritonitis is one of the latest diseases of concern in ferret medicine.
By Katrina Ramsell, Ph.D., DVM

Revealing The Ferret Personality Types
Explore the outstanding ferret personality types and the factors that shape a ferret's personality.
By Mike and Arita Morrett

Ferret FAQs
Easy To Litter Train Ferrets?
The ease of litter-training is compared between ferrets and cats.

Ferret's Tail Stands On End
A ferret owner wonders why the fur and tail on one of her ferret's always stands on end before he gets out of his cage.

Ferret Is A Picky Eater
How can a ferret owner get their ferret to eat a varied diet?

How To Deal With Nipping Ferrets
A ferret owner tries to learn why her ferrets continue to nip her.

Ask The Doc
Are Ferret's Seizures A Sign Of Insulinoma?
A ferret owner wonders if her ferret's seizures and low blood sugar could be signs of insulinoma.

Dirty Ferret Ears
Dirty ears in a ferret could indicate ear mites, infection or another cause; only a veterinarian can make a diagnosis.

Second Opinion On A Ferret's Health?
If you don't agree with your veterinarian, is it time for a second opinion?

Is My Ferret Too Thin?
What would cause a ferret to lose weight and become too thin, enough to see its bones?

Editor's Note
Welcome To Ferrets Magazine Online!
The new website for Ferrets Magazine Online is revealed.

Ferret Superstars
Renee Downs, A Ferret-Friendly "Hurricane"
Ferret enthusiast Renee Downs spreads good will wherever she travels.

Home With Bob
Stella, The Ferret That Changed My Life
Bob Church talks about how he got hooked on ferrets and about Stella, the ferret that changed his life.

On The Road With Bob
Coming in May

Secret Lives of Ferret Owners
Mystery Ferret Ailment
Alexandra Sargent-Colburn suffers one of a ferret owner's worst fears — being away from home when a ferret falls ill.

Shelter And Rescue Focus
Coming in May

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