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Wishes Of Ferrets And Their People

Random thoughts about our wonderful pet ferrets.

Posted: December 11, 2013, 5:05 p.m. EST

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This week’s ferret wish is …

"That we could all be snuggle buddies!"

three ferrets in two beds
Ferrets Mina, Stanley Oliver/Courtesy Keary Saunders
Do your ferrets snuggle?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That my human would stop leaving me to go back to college." — Wish by Jacquelyn Levine

ferret in clothes to be packed
Courtesy Jacquelyn Levine
Do you have to leave your ferret for days or months at a time?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That the humans would understand that this is a comfortable position!!" — Wish by Diane Murowany

ferret sleeping curled up
Ferret Chai/Courtesy Diane Murowany
Does your ferret imitate a pretzel when he sleeps?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That the lights hadn’t gone out so suddenly. Where did everybody go?"

ferret with face in snack bag
Ferret Bailey/Courtesy Terri Caridei
Does your ferret do silly stuff?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That no one will find me, and I can stay here dreaming of treats until dinnertime."

ferret lying upside down in play tube
Ferret Gruntley/Courtesy Shannon Cox
Is your ferret a dreamer?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That this bed was just a tiny bit larger. The aroma is perfect, but it would be nice to have my back end in here too!"

ferret asleep in shoe
Ferret Natasha/Courtesy Kathi Stickler
Does your ferret like your shoes?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That my little 2 1/2 year-old, deaf Badger could hear. That way he would not be so scared of things around him." —
Wish by Carol Owens

ferret standing by binder
Ferret Badger/Courtesy Carol Owens
Deaf ferrets get startled easily.

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That I could wake up faster so I could get playing faster and eat treats faster and just be faster!"

ferret face
Ferret Baby Boy Morgan/Courtesy Bridget Proulx & Bill Schultz
Some ferrets wake up more slowly than others.

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That I could be a cowpoke ferret for a day. After all, I’ve got a built-in mask. Of course I know I could not really do such a thing, but it’s fun to dream!"

ferret posed on hay
Ferret Shadow/Courtesy Rebecca Carlton
Does your ferret dream of being a cowpoke?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That we could all be together forever and ever and, wait, did one of you kick my stomach?"

three ferrets snoozing in a bundle
Ferrets Peggy, Pippo & Pulce/Courtesy Sara Bellani
Ah, ferret togetherness!

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That my little canine friend would realize once and for all that I am king of the bed!"

ferret stares down dog
Ferret Boo & Dog Gracie/Courtesy Gayle Quirk
A nose-to-nose encounter!

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That ferret play-fights looked less like death matches and more like play!"

two ferrets wrestling
Ferrets Chugar & Pudge/Courtesy Sam & Crystal Thompson
Ferret play can sometimes look like ferret fighting.

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That this shopping cart would move faster. I need to get home and play with all my new stuff!"

ferret in shopping cart
Ferret Cucho/Courtesy Sharon & Erin King
Do you take your ferret shopping?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That the cat would realize all food dishes are ferret food dishes!"

cat and three ferrets at food dish
Cat Summer & Ferrets Darwin,
Little Bear & Zorro/Courtesy Jessica & Jason DeJean
Do your ferrets bother the food dishes of your other pets?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That I will always enjoy the bliss of a ferret pile every night!"

Ferrets Itchy, Scratchy & Fuzz/Courtesy Timothy R. Goulette
Can you see where the three ferrets begin and end?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That the lids to these goodies weren't so difficult to get off!" — Wish by Lisa Yager

ferrets standing by treat bins
Ferrets Nalah & Ginger/Courtesy
Lisa Yager
Do your ferrets sniff around treat containers?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That I always had someone or some ferret to play with whenever I’m ready to play!"

ferret looking at toy ball
Ferret Salem/Courtesy Sara Holme
Are you your ferret's playmate?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That Easter happened every day. Finding eggs, hiding eggs, playing with eggs — it's all egg-stra fun!"

ferret in basket
Ferret Buddie/Courtesy Suzanne Riddle
Is your ferret a fan of toy eggs?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That my owner would get things that come in boxes at least every week. More toys for me!"

ferret peering out of box
Ferret Cocoa/Courtesy Alisa Finsel
Does your ferret like to play in boxes?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That everyone would finally realize the best one to be President is a ferret!"

ferret wearing flag bandanna
Ferret Ike/Courtesy Aubrey Roherty
This ferret is striking a presidential pose.

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That as many people and ferrets as possible can avoid catching the flu, and that those who do recover quickly!"

ferret on box of tissues
Ferret Tucker Bill/Courtesy Terri Smith
Did you know that ferrets can catch the flu from people and vice versa?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That someone would come and find me already. I've been playing this game of hide-and-seek for hours!"

ferret peeking out of hiding place
Ferret Pooper/Courtesy Brenda Bleisch & Dave Tawater
Does your ferret like to play hide-and-seek?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That snow didn’t have to be so cold. It’s fun to play in, but frolics for more than a few minutes bring on shivers and numbness. Brrr!"

ferret on leash in the snow
Ferret Chugar/Courtesy Sam & Crystal Thompson
Does your ferret like playing in snow?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That during cold, winter days everyone finds their own "tropical getaway."

ferret in hammock
Ferret Tikii/Courtesy Hermine Paulmeno
Does your ferret have a favorite getaway spot?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That everyone can experience of the joy of being part of a ferret "sandwich."

three ferrets piled on each other
Ferrets Indigo, Quinn & Le Tigre/Courtesy Rebecca McClure
When you have three or more ferrets, at some point you're likely to see a ferret "sandwich."

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That every ferret and everyone enjoys a rollicking, frolicking, fun New Year's followed by a year full of positive possibilities realized and happy opportunities fulfilled."

ferret lying on colored plastic strands
Ferret Rascal/Courtesy Sarah Adamson
Will you party like a ferret for New Year's?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That everyone finds a favorite place to snuggle and have a moment of peace between all the bustle of the holidays. Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!" 

ferret snoozing in hideout
Ferret Cookie/Courtesy Linda St-Onge
Does your ferret have a favorite snuggle spot?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That when you are cleaning your floors you always have an assistant to lay there and make sure it's clean enough to plop down and sleep on!"

Wish by Theresa Wilcox

ferret lying on floor
Ferret Rebel/Courtesy Theresa Wilcox
Does your ferret give your floors the clean test?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That this car would get rolling already. I’ve got places to be, people to meet and shopping to do!"

ferret in car bed
Ferret Gizmo/Courtesy Colleen McGarry
Do you have an on-the-go ferret or a laid-back lounger? 

This week’s ferret wish is ...

"That everyone in the world would get a nose-kiss from a ferret!"

ferret touching someone's nose
Ferret Caleb/Courtesy Tyler McEachron
Does your ferret give you nose-kisses?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That we could spread ferret joy and cheer to everyone everywhere for the holiday season!"

two ferrets in a mailbox
Ferrets Nugee & Samson/Courtesy Carley McDonald
Do ferrets bring joy to your home during the holidays?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"For everyone to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal surrounded by family and friends.To one and all, Happy Thanksgiving!"

ferret and dog eating
Ferret Einstein & Dog Emmi/Courtesy Angie Becker
Who will your ferret dine with on Thanksgiving?

This week’s ferret wish is …

"That Momma will always look before pouring water into our bowl in the morning."
— From Polar the ferret and owner, Lisa Yager

ferret asleep in bowl
Ferret Polar/Courtesy Lisa Yager
Do your ferrets ever sleep in their dishes?

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Wishes Of Ferrets And Their People

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Reader Comments
Cats and ferrets can be good playmates as I documented in my children`s book `Debbie`.
The story will not only entertain children, but all ferret lovers.

Conny, International
Posted: 4/9/2013 11:26:41 AM
Wonderful article. I filled up a huge rubbermaid container with snow and brought it inside. The Wee Wuns had a terrific day...what fun!
Donna, Evansville, IN
Posted: 2/15/2013 5:01:53 PM
I love the wish list for was so fun reading it....
Carol, Parkville, MD
Posted: 2/15/2013 10:39:57 AM
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