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Do you think your rabbit, hamster, ferret, guinea pig or other small animal pet acts their age? If you have more than one, answer for the one you’ve had the longest.


Hedgehog  Breed
Hedgehog Stats
Scientific Name:  Atelerix albiventris
Size:  1/2 and 1 1/4 pounds; 5 to 8 inches long
Origin:  Africa, Europe
Life Expectancy:  4 to 7 years
Temperament:  alert, active, friendly

Hedgehog Species Profile

The hedgehog is a member of the Insectivora order, and eats mostly insects. The back of the animal is covered with quills, which serve as a defense. Quills are hollow and made from keratin, the same substance as hair. Adult hedgehogs rarely lose quills unless they're ill. Hedgehogs have sharp teeth and a pointed snout, and they live a solitary life in the wild.

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