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** For info on "Nikola's" name, see next few pages! (5 I think!) Washing face, or praying? Lol I saw a pic of a baby bun in this pose with the caption: "Please God, make me The Easter Bunny!" I know that Nikola here has a special relationship with the Easter Bunny, so my loved ones & I "clean house " every Easter in our baskets!! And so photogenic!
It's not easy taking a picture while holding a squirming bunny! Lol! Here we are, years after we first enriched each other's lives beyond my wildest dreams, (& judging from Nikola's first camping trip, beyond his, too!) Nothing like binkys in the grass & nature in good weather, & chilling out in a 35 ft camper in yucky weather! ) Spoiled? Nah- he deserves the best!!
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